There Is A Spark

I wonder if you see it to

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    when you yell “puppy!” at a lil doge and they get happy and wag their lil tail like “yess!! i am a puppy!! a baby dog!!! thank you!!!!!!”

    When you yell “puppy!!!!” At an old doge and they wag their tail and get all happy like “yes I am still a little doge thank you for noticing! !”

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  • | T.H.O.M.A.S |

    • 16 years old
    • Runner
    • Named after Thomas Edison

    Subject A2 has experienced total memory loss , and continues to appear disoriented. Demonstrates an unforeseen, possibly unintended, measure of influence over remaining subjects. Progress persists at predicted rate, more rapidly than that of others.

    Upon analysis of encounters with others, Subject A2 shows signs of exemplary leadership ability, but also suggests rash decision making and resistance to authority. Some subjects who give him their support indicate progress and growth in strategic thinking. Others could be a threat. Continued monitoring strongly suggested, as observations could be conclusive.


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    "Eye of the Tiger" Played on an Old Dot-Matrix Printer

    "Papa, what did the ’80s sound like?"

    I just laughed so hard I almost puked.

    I am so glad I know you, and that people make things like this.

    This is humanity’s most important achievement. 

    someone make a fucking hardcore techno remix of this shit with a sick bass line and synths, DO IT

    Ugly wheezing laughter.

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    • me: im so bored
    • me: i have nothing to do
    • me: i wish i had something to do
    • basic responsibilities: yo
    • me: not u
    • me: anyway
    • me: im so bored
    • me: i have nothing to do
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    what if concerts were actually like this, where no one would fuckin push each other around, just be happy and jump and shit

    they are like this, it’s an actual footage from an actual concert…

    All i see is this fricking guy in red on the bottom right corner not having coordination with 3000 people around him

    I’m only reblogging for the guy in red

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    • taylor swift: has a boyfriend
    • the media: omg what a slut
    • taylor swift: doesn't have a boyfriend
    • the media: lol nobody wants to date her
    • taylor swift: wears a modest dress
    • the media: she's such a prude
    • taylor swift: wears a revealing dress
    • the media: what a terrible role model
    • taylor swift: has curly hair
    • the media: she really needs to try something new with her hair
    • taylor swift: gets bangs and straightens hair
    • the media: bring back the curls it's what you're known for
    • taylor swift: is surprised to win an award
    • the media: she is so fake
    • taylor swift: doesn't act surprised to win an award
    • the media: she's so ungrateful
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  • Taylor Swift being adorable watching 5SOS perform ‘Amnesia’ at the 2014 VMA’s [ watch from 11:17 here ]

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  • we  get out now or we     d i e   t r y i n g

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